Why is GABA Powder Beneficial for Parents?

gaba promotes sleep

There are many stressful moments when you become parents. If you are stressed, you should strive to bring your nervous system back into balance. Otherwise, stress will exacerbate mental and health problems like depression, anxiety, the pain of any kind, sleep disorders, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, weight problems, memory problems, reproductive problems and many more.

You have to know that when you are stressed, the body will release chemicals that will notify the brain to initiate a response – fight or flight. When the threat passes, the body will release another set of chemicals called GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric Acid). GABA is considered neurotransmitters – a chemical that sends messages between the brain and the nervous system.

The main role of GABA is to reduce communication between the nerve cells in the brain. Basically, it decreases the over-stimulation of nerve cells producing a calming effect. With this, it is important that you have more levels of GABA. Your goal here is to avoid deficiency. Many parents these days consider GABA supplements. The supplements are sold as liquids, pills, and powders.

If in this case you are wondering how to take gaba powder, you should know that it can be mixed into beverages or water before taking it. If you want, you can also put it in your food. Here’s why is beneficial for parents:

It promotes sleep

As mentioned earlier, GABA can reduce overstimulation of nerve cells thereby producing a calming effect. Since it lowers the activity of neurons, you will fall asleep easier. In fact, GABA will shorten the amount of time it will take to fall asleep.

Aside from considering GABA powder, you should also maintain a regular sleep schedule at the same time limit your caffeine consumption. You should also consider taking magnesium to promote GABA function, which will eventually encourage better sleep.


It improves chronic pain

GABA can impede the diffusion of pain impulses throughout the body. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, natural levels of GABA are sometimes ineffective. As a result, you will often feel unfiltered pain. GABA supplement might lessen the feelings of pain by potentially reducing stress levels. If you really need it, talk to your doctor about it. The doctor will determine the right dosage for you.

It improves mood

People with anxiety from stress have low GABA levels in the brain. Supplements are believed to increase GABA levels in the blood. However, there is not enough evidence that process GABA supplementation increases the level of GABA in the brain since supplements have difficulty crossing the blood-brain barrier.

It relieves PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms

Women between ovulation and the start of their menstrual cycle often experience PMS. It is characterised by mood swings, food cravings, and fatigue. Studies show that menstruation disrupts the levels of GABA. By taking supplements, you can provide relief from PMS.

Aside from GABA, there is another neurotransmitter that fights stress and alleviates pain – endorphins. If you wonder ways to help you sleep, it is in the pituitary gland and eventually distributed throughout the nervous system. In addition to alleviating pain, endorphins also promote feelings of euphoria, enhanced immune response, and modulation of appetite.