Understanding the Complete Structure of Fullerene Extract

Fullerenes are made from pure carbon atoms, which are arranged in the lattice that will either form the sphere or ball shape and are generally 1 nm diameter. The number denotes an amount of the carbon atoms in the structure. And Fullerene Extract C60 has got 60 carbon atoms that are arranged like the soccer ball. As we mentioned, fullerenes are actually made from carbon atoms only and will form different shapes of the structures.

Looking at the Properties

Fullerenes are actually named after the structure that they resemble that was developed by the renowned architect called Buckminster Fuller. Around 25 years after the discovery, fullerenes got huge research opportunities in the pure chemistry, biotechnology, materials science, pharmaceutical chemistry, anti-aging, as well as nanotechnology. The structure includes 5 member carbon rings that are separated by six members of carbon atoms rings.

Different Kinds of Fullerenes

The Fullerenes Applications take benefit of the unique carbon and atom arrangement. They’re mainly used to improve conductivity. They don’t provide any large mechanical property enhancements because of the low aspect ratio. The fullerene applications will include;

  • Polymer Electronics
  • Antioxidants, Biopharmaceuticals and Skin Creams
  • Polymer Additives
  • C60 Lipid Oils

One application, which has exploded in past some years is C60 Lipid Oil.  People shake and mix C60 in avocado, olive, blackseed, coconut, MCT or CBD oils. Maximum amount of the Fullerene Extract C60 you may put in oil is around 0.8 grams a liter.  The ultra high purity of C60 is shaken and mixed in desired oil.  Fullerene C60 is photosensitive as well as we suggest keeping this out of the direct light.

Why Do the People Have C60 Lipid Oils?

Fullerene Extract C60 is 172 times highly effective against the oxidative radicals compared to Vitamin C! Fullerenes C60 have several amazing biologically improving properties. And C60 has the positive charge that attracts the negatively charged oxidative radicals & neutralizes them. C60 molecules can be absorbed through skin and taken internally for the research purposes, will help to neutralize the large numbers oxidizing the free radicals each second. It happens without C60 molecule getting changed and losing the reductive potency. Fullerene C60 is very small to get in cell mitochondria (dirtiest part of cell) as well as clean out free radicals.

When cells of your body get relieved of the current free-radical oxidative stress, they will function at the natural peak efficiency that will improve energy, virility and performance.