Tips for Choosing a Complementing Background Music Track

Background Music Track

Sending messages across entail a creative approach to ensure that the viewers are not bored during the process. This is the time that you choose background music for your videos. In the end, this will increase the viewer’s connection to your company or brand.

Remember that with music, viewers will be naturally drawn in to understand and deepen their relationship with your company or brand. To help you get started, here are some tips for choosing complementing soundtracks:

Think about the role of music for your video

At the onset, you have to think about the role of music for your video. You need to determine if you want to convey broad information or if you want to send technical details. These things will dictate the type of music you should utilize for your videos.

If you want to convey broad information, the ideal music is something that evokes more emotion. If you’re sending technical details, you should pick a supportive underscore that will not pull the attention of the audience.

Consider “video bookends”

When it comes to background music, you should remember two things – intro and outro. These are called “video bookends.” Essentially, these refer to opening and closing sections of the video. It can help set the tone and hold the messages together.

soundtrack music decision

Make a choice based on your reference music

Let your reference music be the basis of your soundtrack music decision. When thinking about the vibe for your new marketing video, you should look for music with a similar reference track. If you hire a composer, it is useful if you provide reference tracks together with your creative brief so they will get the mood, genre, and the tone that you’re looking for.

Know your budget

The budget can vary depending on the method you’re considering. For instance, hiring a composer can help you create an original featured score, but they tend to be expensive – say, $300 to $1000. If you do not want to hire one, you can pay for a license to utilize a track from a music library – say, $10 to $100.

Search a music library

If you need music for personal videos or small business, it is ideal to use a music library with advanced search functions. This can help you find the right music for your videos. Music libraries with advanced search options will allow you to filter searches based on genres, instrumentation, sonic density or sparseness, and many more.

Consider pacing

You need to pick music with a consistent rhythm. In the end, this will allow you to work with starts and stops highlighting the most important points of the video. To accentuate an image or message, you need to pull out the music for a moment then re0introduce it right after.

Final words

Creating videos that feature music is not an easy task but take heart, there is always background music for your videos. For sure, the results will be moving and memorable – just like how you envisioned it.