Should Slip Pyjamas With Feet Be Replaced?

Baby clothes are more colorful and fuller of cheerful designs compared to adult clothes. Excited parents don’t leave a chance to get their babies the best fashionable product to enjoy at the age. Well suited for the comfort and ever-increasing their bounty of smiles, manufacturers design several clothes uniquely. One of them is the famous footie pajamas or theĀ pajams with feet. But as the toddlers start walking, they slip and fall in them. There is no need to discard the footies this early, but one can surely make them non-slippery.

What Are Onesies?

Footie pajamas are adorably called onesies. Available in different designs, like animals or cartoon characters, they are a single cloth that wraps up all the limbs inside them. They are best in designs during winter or while sleeping when the baby needs a complete covering.

The smooth cloth at the feet is the reason for slipping and falling once the baby starts walking and strolling in them.

How To Make Them Non-Slipping?

No new clothes or heavy sewing required, this DIY process is quite simple and to perform quickly.

  1. Get the correct fabric paint to blend well with the cloth, and it also doesn’t affect the feet. One could try test painting on scrap cloth first.
  2. Before painting, mark and recognize the cloth area in contact with the floor. Paint the outer surface keeping a sturdy base from inside using a sponge or baby shoe to avoid irregularities.
  3. Leave the paint to dry for at least a whole night. Then the internal base shoes are removed, and onesies are ready to wear.

Painting and drying are a time taking work, and many people search for ready-made nonslip footie pajamas in the shops. They are relatively expensive and difficult to find. Instead, it is the best option to take up a paintbrush and try out your skills!