Everything kids preparing for middle school need to know

Education is a necessity for every individual to excel in various spheres of life and to become what a person aspires to be. Depending upon the likes and interests, people enrol themselves in a course or education program that takes them from primary school to middle school and finally a university. There are hundreds of schools that offer this opportunity to students so that they can build their foundation and succeed in life. PBS is one of the schools that assist kids preparing for middle school in the best way possible with the best teaching staff and academics there is.

What do they offer?

Here, students receive mentorship and guidance that further assists them in navigating through competitive and the complicated world in middle school admissions. The teachers and administrators in PBS work hard so that the students can be prepared for interviews, application essays and their shadow days. Besides, they also ensure that the students are matched only to schools that best match their academics and curricular interests So that their personalities and learning styles are applied in the right direction. All the parents can rest assured that their kids preparing for middle school from here is the best decision altogether.
What are the benefits?
Some of the benefits offered to the kids preparing for middle school include:
⦁ All the students are prepared thoroughly for their shadow visits, along with timely practice interviews
⦁ There are individual parent-teacher meetings in the 4th-grade spring so that appropriate support can be provided
⦁ All the parents are given a subscription to a specialized blog that assists them as a group and helps them through each step of the process
⦁ Sufficient classroom time is devoted so that personal essays can be narrated to students which helps them to gain confidence as well as comfort while writing application essays
⦁ Open dialogue is maintained by the office administrators for the entire admission season, along with all the middle school admission offices that can vouch for PBS students
Thus, this school is considered the golden opportunity for all the kids preparing for middle school and teaches them various aspects of life.

Want To Enjoy the Nightlife Once In A Lifetime, visit Greenville for entertainment

If you are a naughty person who is comfortable having intercourse with total strangers, you must entertainment in Greenville. The most common thing because of which Greenville is renowned is the nightlife of this place. You won’t be able to find a better place than Greenville to experience after-dark entertainment. As this city has started growing, the activities performed in the night also have increased and many new players who can give you plenty of options for cheerfully enjoying your life.

What are the activities performed in Greenville nightlife?

There are a lot of activities that you can perform at night in Greenville. Everywhere else in the night, the party stops, but the case is another with Greenville. The second phase of Greenville starts at night, where you can perform as many activities as you can want. The best ideas for spending a good time in Greenville after the sunsets. The activities that you can perform the night in Greenville are:

  • Alchemy Comedy- Everybody loves to watch comedy theaters, so in Greenville, Alchemy comedy is performed every night to ensure that no one leaves this place without laughing at their peak. The talented and hilarious locals perform this at Coffee Underground, and the tickets are available online as well so that you do not have to wait in the line thinking that whether you will get the tickets to the show or not.
  • Adult Entertainment- You will find many clubs in Greenville where you can have fun and get involved in adult entertainment, drinks, and delicious food. You will find the best dancers of the city performing in front of you and watching them dancing while presenting their talent, and you will be mesmerized by their beauty and talent.
  • Best dining restaurant- If you are looking to eat something and do not want to take any chances of getting perfectly well balanced, extra-ordinary food, then you can go to any of the Greenville dine-ins, and you will find a perfect meal at a very reasonable rate.

Winding up the facts

There are so many other things that you will find in Greenville, such as fun activities and games, runaway park, Timmons Park, Kroc Tennis Complex, and many other activities which you won’t be able to complete in a single night. If you are planning to Greenville, make the decision; otherwise, you will regret why you haven’t the night light of Greenville. Once in a lifetime, you must visit for entertainment in Greenville.

Cool telugu new movies for family: ChusiChudagane

Choosichudangane is a fun loving romantic drama film written and directed by Sesha Sindhu Rao. It was released in 2020. This is a feel good movie to watch along with your loved funs on your weekend nights. It’s a cool telugu new movies for family and one of the best romantic drama films in tollywood movies even in terms of comedy aspect.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Shiva Kandukuri

Actress: VarshaBollamma

Other actors: MalavikaSatheesan

Director: Sesha Sindhu Rao

Banner: Dharmapatha Creations

Producer: Raj Kandukuri

Music: Gopi sunder

Cinematography: Vedaraman, RavitejaGirijala

Editing: Vedaraman, RavitejaGirijala

Distributed by: Suresh Productions

Story By: Sesha Sindhu Rao

Other information:

Runtime: 113 mins

Release date: 31 January 2020

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Story line:

Choosichudangane story begins with the protagonist Siddu in his early pre college days deciding the course he wants to choose to further in his studies. He is passionate about photography but her mother always forces him to take up engineering to have a financially stable and respectable life in the future. His father always finds a way to settle things between both of them and that’s how he convinces siddu to take up engineering and pursue his photographic career at the same time. Siddu goes to college only to get forced by a ragging gang to get a name of the girl. He meets her and talks but the girls will be impressed and offer her number to him and he gets into a relationship. Due to some problems like any other couple suffer,  she breaks up with him and he goes into depression only to find himself being a photographer in photoshop after completing his studies. He was in despair throughout his life and that’s when another girl sruthi, a junior in college who now works as a drummer in a musical band. He falls for her character as she was shown to be a free bird. When he proposes to her, she reveals that she loves him from college days but couldn’t propose as he gets into a relationship with another woman. But now there’s no reason to stop them from being together and they get into a relationship to live a happy life together.

Technical Asset:

  • A beautiful love story written by Sesha Sindhu Rao, she has done an awesome in building this love story which touched millions of hearts.
  • Music brings tears in your eyes! It’s just magical in its own way. They are so soulfully written and composed! Just loved it.
  • Editing of the movie! Trailer itself justifies how beautiful and fine the editing is! Smooth and perfect.
  • Screenplay! The details of the movie are good! They give happiness and satisfaction of completion after watching.

Artists Performance:

  • Shiva Kandukuri is a great performer! He proved himself to be stand out in this single movie itself.
  • Varsha is a beautiful soul with a pretty face, her role was just apt for her and she nailed it.
  • Malavika has also done a great job in impressing audiences and Critics.

This is a new age romantic hyderabadi style film that inspires youngsters to follow their passion. The love story in it will be impressive and different enough as in any other tollywood movies and a cool new telugu movies for family to watch.

Tips for Choosing a Complementing Background Music Track

Sending messages across entail a creative approach to ensure that the viewers are not bored during the process. This is the time that you choose background music for your videos. In the end, this will increase the viewer’s connection to your company or brand.

Remember that with music, viewers will be naturally drawn in to understand and deepen their relationship with your company or brand. To help you get started, here are some tips for choosing complementing soundtracks:

Think about the role of music for your video

At the onset, you have to think about the role of music for your video. You need to determine if you want to convey broad information or if you want to send technical details. These things will dictate the type of music you should utilize for your videos.

If you want to convey broad information, the ideal music is something that evokes more emotion. If you’re sending technical details, you should pick a supportive underscore that will not pull the attention of the audience.

Consider “video bookends”

When it comes to background music, you should remember two things – intro and outro. These are called “video bookends.” Essentially, these refer to opening and closing sections of the video. It can help set the tone and hold the messages together.

soundtrack music decision

Make a choice based on your reference music

Let your reference music be the basis of your soundtrack music decision. When thinking about the vibe for your new marketing video, you should look for music with a similar reference track. If you hire a composer, it is useful if you provide reference tracks together with your creative brief so they will get the mood, genre, and the tone that you’re looking for.

Know your budget

The budget can vary depending on the method you’re considering. For instance, hiring a composer can help you create an original featured score, but they tend to be expensive – say, $300 to $1000. If you do not want to hire one, you can pay for a license to utilize a track from a music library – say, $10 to $100.

Search a music library

If you need music for personal videos or small business, it is ideal to use a music library with advanced search functions. This can help you find the right music for your videos. Music libraries with advanced search options will allow you to filter searches based on genres, instrumentation, sonic density or sparseness, and many more.

Consider pacing

You need to pick music with a consistent rhythm. In the end, this will allow you to work with starts and stops highlighting the most important points of the video. To accentuate an image or message, you need to pull out the music for a moment then re0introduce it right after.

Final words

Creating videos that feature music is not an easy task but take heart, there is always background music for your videos. For sure, the results will be moving and memorable – just like how you envisioned it.


Media Literacy is that a person knows how to read and write. An educated person would be using the skills on a broad range. When a person is computer literate, has the knowledge to use computer. A media literate person used computers, TV, DVD and many other devices. In media literature, using visual screen technology is important.

Media literacy for better thinking

The basic skills which children must acquire are, they must be conscious and intentionally use the media literacy which must be limited. They must use the form of this technology. They must have the ability to understand the intention and they must have emotional as well as intelligent impact on the child. They must also have the ability to take the facts, ideas as well as thoughts about the images. The understanding of the techniques like the use of cameras, lighting must be understood. One must be able to understand the screen technology. In general children will be enjoying learning media literature.media literacy

General media activities for family

There are many media activities for the members in a family. Here are few such for the list of many. There are many channels where the book version is scheduled on TV and parents can encourage their children to read the book and then watch the program. Then discuss it with children. Children are generally interested in many activities like painting and other arts. Parents must link their child’s interests with the TV programs. They can even show their child wild life programs and then take them to the zoo so that they link it with real life. All the family members watch a program together and then turnoff the TV and write the opinions on a paper and then discuss and compare it. Make your child watch a program or a movie and then finally as them to create a new title for it. This will let the child imagine and be creative.  Divide the list of channels into categories and name them, accordingly ask your child what they want to and why they are interested in watching it. There will be commercial breaks for any program, in that breaks ask your child to imagine what will happen in the next scene. How the story may end and what may happen and what may not.

Media Activities for children

There are many activities which can be taught to the children like screen violence, screen advertising, screen news, screen stereotypes. In screen violence they can show the child about the real- life consequences and tell them what exactly happened showing a program. Tell then that violence is not the proper way to solve problem. Though anger is natural it must be controlled. Coming to screen advertising, test the child! Show the child few commercial ads and them put them before them and test them, if they can find it out with the taste or smell. Do not let them see till end. Like this one can develop their child’s intelligence and parents can even improve their creative and thinking skills.

Enjoy leisure time in comfortable yacht fishing

Fishing is possible all around the year in various different places but if a person is looking for a particular type of fish or for a particular fishing style then they will have to plan according to the requirement. Here’s what you need to know before making your next yacht booking.

  • Be clear of your preferences and destinations: Having a clear idea of what you are seeking from a luxury yacht will directly impact the budget and proper organization of the trip. Not every charter yacht will take you to your chosen destinations. And if they do, it will cost you more. So it is preferable to chalk out the places one wishes to cover during the trip and chose a yacht charter company which will be closest in meeting your expectations.
  • Consider the head count: One must have an idea of the number of people who will board the yacht. The deck has to be ideal to accommodate all the people you expect onboard and it must not become too cramped and overcrowded. It is always better to engage a little bigger yacht than required if it suits your budget.yacht fishing
  • Choose the type of yacht: Before choosing a certain type of yacht, it is better to have an idea of various models available at our dispose .Basically there can be two kind of yachts available for rent in Dubai. One is crewed and the other is bareboat. Crewed as the name suggests comes with the services of well-trained crew including the captain and chefs. The size of the crew is directly proportional to the size of the yacht you choose and it can be anywhere between 2-40 members. Bare boats on the other hand is for people who has got basic seamanship lessons to handle the yacht carefully and with ease. Here the yacht is completely in your control without any crew and a best option for those needing privacy and solitude. Yachts can also be classified as motor and sailing yachts based on the space availability. Motor yachts are quiet popular and spacious with many amenities such as Jacuzzi, swimming pools, toys etc. Mostly motor boats accommodate 12 guests maximum in accordance to maritime law. Larger yachts meeting the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) requirements can accommodate more people. Sailing boats also provide the same features except that they have less interior space compared to motor boats. Choosing a yacht solely depends on the purpose it has been hired for. If you are touring with family and friends or organizing an event then a spacious yacht will provide your needs. However if it a private moment with your best friend or partner a bare boat will suit you. If it is for fishing with your friend than a small one will solve the purpose. Weigh your options accordingly and make the right decision.