Day: April 20, 2021

How to choose an innerwear?

As we all know there are many different types of under garment for women. The camisole is one among them which is more familiar and highly used among women in current trend. Traditionally this under garment is mentioned as lingerie. Even though camisole is widely used by many women, they are used along with bra. That is wearing a bra and camisole together tends to make women more attractive than they sound to be. And especially women who tend to need a sexy look can wear them together. But if this is their choice, they must make sure to choose the best bra for their camisole. Some best tips for choosing the bra for camisoles and the solution for how to wear a camisole is revealed here.


Obviously in order to avoid the differences between camisole and the bra, women can prefer to choose them in same color. That is wearing the dark color bra and light color camisole will make the bra visible and will provide an odd look for the women. Hence the color of the bra should be selected according to the color of the camisole they are wearing.

Strapless bras

One of the most common fashion mistake done by many women is they tend to wear the bras with larger strap when compared to the strap of their camisole. This will not only make the bra visible but this kind of appearances will not fit the model attire at any extent. Hence women can move for the strapless bras as they can remove the bra strap while they are wearing it along with camisole. Apart from the strapless bras there are also convertible bras which suit the best for wearing with camisole.


Along with all the other aspects, the size of the bra should also be taken into account. Choosing the right size bra is the right way for wearing the camisole at its best.