Understanding the Complete Structure of Fullerene Extract

Fullerenes are made from pure carbon atoms, which are arranged in the lattice that will either form the sphere or ball shape and are generally 1 nm diameter. The number denotes an amount of the carbon atoms in the structure. And Fullerene Extract C60 has got 60 carbon atoms that are arranged like the soccer ball. As we mentioned, fullerenes are actually made from carbon atoms only and will form different shapes of the structures.

Looking at the Properties

Fullerenes are actually named after the structure that they resemble that was developed by the renowned architect called Buckminster Fuller. Around 25 years after the discovery, fullerenes got huge research opportunities in the pure chemistry, biotechnology, materials science, pharmaceutical chemistry, anti-aging, as well as nanotechnology. The structure includes 5 member carbon rings that are separated by six members of carbon atoms rings.

Different Kinds of Fullerenes

The Fullerenes Applications take benefit of the unique carbon and atom arrangement. They’re mainly used to improve conductivity. They don’t provide any large mechanical property enhancements because of the low aspect ratio. The fullerene applications will include;

  • Polymer Electronics
  • Antioxidants, Biopharmaceuticals and Skin Creams
  • Polymer Additives
  • C60 Lipid Oils

One application, which has exploded in past some years is C60 Lipid Oil.  People shake and mix C60 in avocado, olive, blackseed, coconut, MCT or CBD oils. Maximum amount of the Fullerene Extract C60 you may put in oil is around 0.8 grams a liter.  The ultra high purity of C60 is shaken and mixed in desired oil.  Fullerene C60 is photosensitive as well as we suggest keeping this out of the direct light.

Why Do the People Have C60 Lipid Oils?

Fullerene Extract C60 is 172 times highly effective against the oxidative radicals compared to Vitamin C! Fullerenes C60 have several amazing biologically improving properties. And C60 has the positive charge that attracts the negatively charged oxidative radicals & neutralizes them. C60 molecules can be absorbed through skin and taken internally for the research purposes, will help to neutralize the large numbers oxidizing the free radicals each second. It happens without C60 molecule getting changed and losing the reductive potency. Fullerene C60 is very small to get in cell mitochondria (dirtiest part of cell) as well as clean out free radicals.

When cells of your body get relieved of the current free-radical oxidative stress, they will function at the natural peak efficiency that will improve energy, virility and performance.

Characteristics of an excellent travel buddy

Have you ever wondered what really makes the perfect travel companion? These are the various specifications that will answer your question:

  1. He / she must have the same love or passion for traveling.

Your potential partner should be someone who also loves the places you want to see for a long time, the food you want to eat or the activities you like to try. In fact, you don’t like dealing with a friend who needs a lot of beliefs before he tries something with you. You simply spend your time and energy on this person.

  1. He / she must be worthy of your trust.

If you do not know this person too well, there is a good chance that your travel friend is not the one you really know. You may not even know him, except through photographs and some email exchange. That is why trust plays a very important role if you plan not to travel alone. If you are invited as a travel companion and definitely feel uncomfortable, it is best that you do not. Most likely, your instincts are correct.

  1. It is better if he / she has a keen sense of direction.

One of the biggest problems when traveling to other places, especially in other countries, is the following. After all, the streets are not familiar, the buildings are unknown and, of course, you will try everything for the first time. Your interlocutor does not have to be where you are going, although in fact it is advisable. The least you can do is find travel buddie who is very good at reading cards and asking the right questions to the right people. You will be surprised how much time you can spend simply interpreting the instructions or instructions you see on your map.

  1. He / she must be prepared to share the costs with you.

There are several reasons why you can search for a friend to travel. In fact, this is not necessarily related to finances, although you probably want someone to be ready to share the costs with you. Fortunately, there are many. Also, you are more than happy to discuss how the costs will be shared between you two. You can determine who pays what or divide all expenses in half.

  1. A great friend on a trip is someone who is willing to commit.

Like it or not, there are times when you disagree with certain things. Maybe you prefer your restaurant, and your interlocutor wants to explore a certain activity that you don’t want. Therefore, you can search for a friend who is as open as you.

Air Purifiers: Is It Good or Bad For Your Health? Find Out the Answers Here!

Clean air is not just important but necessary to all living things. But, few might say that clean air is certainly not possible these days due to the constant degradation of the surroundings and drastically polluting the environment. The cleanest surroundings, room, or air can still be filled up with microparticles that sometimes visible and dirt that might be detrimental to your wellbeing or can worsen existing health problems. It is one of the reasons why electronic home air purifiers are superb like a winix air purifier – since they reduce concentrations of pollutants.

Electronic home air purifiers are appliances that help with the elimination of air pollutants. They are especially great for those who have problems with asthma or allergies and so are also used to get rid of secondhand smoke hence, electronic home air purifiers are essential if you have a smoker inside your home. They can be utilized in both commercial and residential areas.

Home air purifiers have HEPA filters that help with cleaning and purifying the atmosphere that is circulated. HEPA or commonly known as high-efficiency particulate air is a kind of air conditioning filter that purifies the atmosphere by trapping particles and small particles that a vacuum may recirculate these particles into the air.

According to some researchers, the HEPA filter removes about 99.9% of dust particles and air impurities through the air which includes mold, spores, pollen, dust mites, and/or pet dander.

Can Air Purifiers Help With Your Breathing?


In link with a smoking habit or a member of the family that smokes, many of you might share your homes with your pets, which brings along with its urine, pet odors, hairs, and dander. These could be quite upsetting for members of the family who possess allergies or asthma and, in most cases, vacuuming does not remove all the pollutants floating around in the atmosphere.

If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory condition that might be worsened by airborne particles, an air purifier might provide you with a few relief. Home air purifiers are specifically essential in houses since they quietly and quickly clear allergens and other particles, removes odor, smoke, dust, pet hairs or dander, smoke, and pretty much all other pollutants contained in the atmosphere. Without an air purifier, your property could collect lots of dust, germs, and bacteria which may result in health issues.

How Does Air Purifiers Clean the Air?

For you to work and take away all the airborne pollutants, electronic home air purifiers take advantage of different technologies in functioning. However, you need to be aware that not all air purifiers that depend on the mechanical filtration use true HEPA filters, so be certain in what exactly you are receiving.

Rather than mechanical filters, or perhaps in addition to it, some electronic home air purifiers use electronic technology to transpose the charge of particles in the atmosphere. Then they pass the charged particles back off to space where they decide on your floors, clothing, and floors. In this situation, removing allergens through the room that involves dusting and vacuuming the impurities and particles to avoid them from being reintroduced again to the atmosphere.


Instagram is one of the best apps for Android and iOS, used by millions of people around the world. Instagram users complain about losing access to their account. At issue: a vague phishing operation that allegedly stole hundreds of identifiers.

With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram is logically an ideal target for hackers. In recent days, some of you may have been surprised to lose access to their account, and see it modified by a stranger. New name, new profile picture and new bio … A frustrating identity theft, especially as the process of recovery of his profile can be complicated.

Protect your account

To avoid seeing his account hacked, it is recommended to maximize the security of his account, including choosing a strong password  (with letters, numbers and special characters), but also by activating double authentication in Instagram settings. In case of an attempt to connect to your account, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you. The hacker can’t connect to your profile without the code sent by SMS. Moreover, if you receive this type of SMS when you have not asked anything, it is imperative to quickly change your password through the application. online Instagram password hacker is more common .

online Instagram password hacker

Another tip: do not rely on any email asking you to enter your Instagram ID and password, and make sure to always go through the application or the official website. Hackers reproduce the interface of social networks to perfection and play on the naiveté (or at least the lack of vigilance) users to steal their data. As a reminder, Instagram does not store bank details but may contain a lot of information about your privacy, such as emails, photos or phone numbers.

Recover your account: possible, but painful 

Are you part of the victims of this hacking operation? Do not panic, there is a procedure to recover his account, even if it is not always easy.

On the Instagram site, you can fill out an account recovery form, and the company will come back to you to ask you for proof of identity. We were able to experience the process of entering a new reliable e-mail or taking a picture next to a 5-digit code handwritten on a sheet of paper. If the whole procedure is followed to the letter, Instagram will send you a link to reset your account, and everything will be back to normal. The opportunity then to opt for double authentication …