Day: August 15, 2018


Media Literacy is that a person knows how to read and write. An educated person would be using the skills on a broad range. When a person is computer literate, has the knowledge to use computer. A media literate person used computers, TV, DVD and many other devices. In media literature, using visual screen technology is important.

Media literacy for better thinking

The basic skills which children must acquire are, they must be conscious and intentionally use the media literacy which must be limited. They must use the form of this technology. They must have the ability to understand the intention and they must have emotional as well as intelligent impact on the child. They must also have the ability to take the facts, ideas as well as thoughts about the images. The understanding of the techniques like the use of cameras, lighting must be understood. One must be able to understand the screen technology. In general children will be enjoying learning media literacy

General media activities for family

There are many media activities for the members in a family. Here are few such for the list of many. There are many channels where the book version is scheduled on TV and parents can encourage their children to read the book and then watch the program. Then discuss it with children. Children are generally interested in many activities like painting and other arts. Parents must link their child’s interests with the TV programs. They can even show their child wild life programs and then take them to the zoo so that they link it with real life. All the family members watch a program together and then turnoff the TV and write the opinions on a paper and then discuss and compare it. Make your child watch a program or a movie and then finally as them to create a new title for it. This will let the child imagine and be creative.  Divide the list of channels into categories and name them, accordingly ask your child what they want to and why they are interested in watching it. There will be commercial breaks for any program, in that breaks ask your child to imagine what will happen in the next scene. How the story may end and what may happen and what may not.

Media Activities for children

There are many activities which can be taught to the children like screen violence, screen advertising, screen news, screen stereotypes. In screen violence they can show the child about the real- life consequences and tell them what exactly happened showing a program. Tell then that violence is not the proper way to solve problem. Though anger is natural it must be controlled. Coming to screen advertising, test the child! Show the child few commercial ads and them put them before them and test them, if they can find it out with the taste or smell. Do not let them see till end. Like this one can develop their child’s intelligence and parents can even improve their creative and thinking skills.