BLINKY  LIGHTS add an intense, fun, inexpensive atmosphere to any event.  They can be worn as a straight Lapel Pin or when switched on provide a dazzling flash of "Blinky" light. 

 These cute blinkies come in all sorts of shapes & configurations from cupids to cowboy hat shaped. 

 Each one features about 6 to 8 tiny but intensely bright lights that flash in sequence.  These blinkies can be held in place by a powerful little magnet or a simple adaptor is available to allow the blinky light to be worn as a necklace or pinned to your clothing. 

Even If you don't have a special function, these pins are true attention seekers.  When you walk into a room with one of these Blinky little lights flashing people will want to stop you and demand to know how they can get their hands on one of those cute blinkies 

Blinky Lights can be purchased in any quantity and extra batteries can also be purchased.

Call or email us to place your order of BLINKY LIGHTS today.

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